Friday, August 7, 2009

John Hughes R.I.P.

Film director John Hughes has died at age 59 of a heart attack while taking a morning walk during a trip to New York City to visit family.

In the last ten years, John had not been as involved in film work, opting to enjoy time with his family and supporting independent arts while living on a farm in northern Illinois. John is survived by his wife, Nancy of 39 years, two sons and four grandchildren.

August 7, 1948 -
An early example of Daffy Duck's greed nature, You Were Never Duckier premiered on this date.

Well, I gotta go. I think my judge is burning, fudge... My fudge is burning, judge... I mean, my mother wants me. I got to crochet a cake. Uh, uh, goodbye!

August 7, 1953 -
The last of the Golden Age of Hollywood Musicals, The Band Wagon, premiered on this date.

If you haven't seen it, run out an rent it.

Today in History:
August 7, 1876
The German spy Mata Hari, a Dutchwoman named Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, was born on this day in 1876. She was executed by the French on October 14, 1917.

There was not much actual evidence of espionage, but she had been seen naked with German officers and the French found this distasteful enough to kill her.

August 7, 1882 -
Ellison Hatfield is stabbed 26 times and shot in the back by Tolbert McCoy and two of his brothers. Two days later, the Hatfield clan captures the three McCoys and executes them by firing squad.

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Thus begins generations of bloodshed between the families, ultimately causing about 100 casualties.

Louis Leakey was also born on this day, in 1903. Mr Leakey was a prominent British archeologist who discovered that either mankind was much older than had previously been supposed or that mankind had not actually been mankind but some other kind instead.

The archeological world was convulsed for decades by arguments over what to name this strange new species and the struggle drove Mr Leakey to become a spy for the British government and cheat on his wife (though seldom simultaneously).

August 7, 1953 -
Eisenhower signs legislation retroactively granting Ohio official statehood for the previous 150 years. In 1803, apparently everyone just assumed that Ohio was a state, even though Congress had never passed legislation to that effect. The nation remained blissfully unaware of this fact until nosy historians began snooping around in preparation for Ohio's sesquicentennial.

Yes I know, if Eisenhower had minded his own damn business, the 2004 election might have been different.

August 7, 1960 -
Film and television actor David Duchovny (another member of the Milton Berle club) is born in New York City. Two of his most popular TV roles include Special Agent Fox Mulder from The X-Files, and transvestite DEA agent Dennis Bryson in three episodes of Twin Peaks (second season, though).

Remember, the truth is out there. But then again, What is truth, what is beauty and remember hemlock is poison.

August 7, 1974
Philippe Petit the French high wire artist walked between the Twin Towers in New York City on this date.

Yes kids, that was another time, another place.

And so it goes.

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