Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Lincoln Tunnel

December 22, 1937
The center tube of the Lincoln Tunnel was opened to traffic today, charging $0.50 per passenger car.

Some of those cars are scheduled to make it through the tunnel later this week.

Tonight is the second night of Hanukkah, hopefully you're all not too bloated. And kids, know when too much candy becomes an addiction - please put the gelt down. Overeaters Anonymous 845-426-1028 - ask for Marcia.

Christmas video countdown -

Today in History -

December 22, 1879 -
It's Stalin's birthday (again)! Hey, when your a dictator, you get to celebrate your birthday on more than one day. Unfortunately, the proper way to celebrate - oppress, torture and murder millions of your fellow country men - is frowned upon.

So smack someone upside the head for no reason.

December 22, 1955 -
The corpse of Evita Peron is stolen by anti-Peronistas. 29 years later (to the day), Madonna's "Like a Virgin" single goes #1 for 6 weeks.

Make of the coincidence what you will.

December 22, 1984 -
Bernhard Goetz shoots 4 teenage boys on the NYC subway after one of them asks him for money.

Again, this practice is frowned upon, so smack someone upside the head.

December 22, 1965 -
David Lean's "Dr Zhivago" premieres .

December 22, 2001 -
Richard Reid attempts to blow up an American Airlines transatlantic flight by igniting a plastic explosive concealed in his shoe. Other passengers beat the living daylights out of him.

They knew, they smacked him upside the head.

3 more shopping days until Christmas (1 more shopping days until Festivus).

And so it goes.

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