Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's start the month with some very salty language

From the mind and great ear of Harry Hanrahan, who brought you The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time and The 100 Cheesiest Movie Lines of All Time I'm not kidding the language is sNSFW) -

OK, now that we got our juices flowing - Here's June

June is the sixth month of the year and consists of thirty days. The ancient Romans gave it twenty-nine days until 46 BC, when Julius Caesar added the thirtieth for reasons known only to himself (Caesar's hobbies seem to be conquest of the known world, sleeping with some very rich North African teenage and calendar making.) The last day of the month is therefore referred to as its "Caesarian Section" by calendar insiders. (Calendar insiders need to get out more often.)

The month is believed to derive its name from either the Roman goddess Juno, patron goddess of marriage, or the Latin work iuniores, (the young ones).

June marks the transition from spring to summer in the northern hemisphere, and from fall to winter in the southern hemisphere. (It is not a transitional month in other hemispheres.)

June has traditionally been the most popular month for weddings, but it's commonly overlooked that it's also one of the top twelve months for bathtub drownings and spontaneous human combustions.

June is traditionally considered the poet's month because with the warming of the earth and the lengthening light of the fragrant evenings, thoughts inevitably turn to romance as hearts and passions swell. Also, June rhymes with a lot of words. For example: afternoon, aswoon, attune, baboon, balloon, bassoon, bestrewn, boon, buffoon, cartoon, cocoon, commune, croon, doubloon, dragoon, dune, entune, expugn, festoon, harpoon, hewn, honeymoon, immune, inopportune, impugn, jejune, lagoon, lampoon, loon, macaroon, maroon, monsoon, moon, noon, pantaloons, picayune, platoon, poltroon, pontoon, prune, raccoon, rune, saloon, soon, spittoon, spoon, strewn, swoon, tune, tycoon, typhoon & untramaroon.

June 1, 1968 -
The British television series The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, had its American premiere on CBS, as a summer replacement for a Jackie Gleason series, on this date.

McGoohan arranged for another actor to play Number Six for one episode (a mind-swap story) so he could take time off to film Ice Station Zebra.

Today in History
June 1, 1571 -
The "Triple Tree" gallows was installed at Tyburn, England in time for the execution of John Storey, who was hanged, drawn, and quartered for committing treason.

The Triple Tree consists of an equilateral triangle nine feet long on each side, 18 feet off the ground. It can hang as many as 24 prisoners at once, and will remain in place for almost 200 years.

June 1, 1660 -
After having received a last-minute reprieve seven months earlier, Mary Dyer is hanged for heresy after returning to Boston.

Dyer was guilty of the heinous crime of being a member of the Quakers, a subversive religious sect which had been banned by the Puritan colony under "pain of death."

June 1, 1813 -
The U.S. Navy gained its motto as the mortally wounded commander of the U.S. frigate "Chesapeake", Captain James Lawrence was heard to say, "Don't give up the ship!", during a losing battle with a British frigate "Shannon"; his ship was captured by the British frigate.

James Lawrence died of his wounds on June 4th, while Chesapeake was being taken to Halifax, Nova Scotia, by her captors. His body was later repatriated to New York for burial.

June 1, 1926 -
Gladys Baker gives birth to Norma Jeane Mortenson in Los Angeles.

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left."

Unfortunately, this did not quite work out for her.

June 1,1938 -
Superman made his first appearance in D.C. Comics’ Action Comics Series issue #1. The comic book sold for 10 cents. Jerry Siegel created Superman in 1933 after he dreamed about the Biblical story of Moses, whose parents abandoned him as a baby in order to save his life. This became the plot of the first Superman story.

On March 29th, 2010, sold a copy of the comic for $1.5 million, making it the most expensive and most valuable comic book of all-time.

While that kind of money gives even Jerry Seinfeld pause, it doesn't make Elin Nordegren break stride.

June 1, 1967 -
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, was released on this date and was certified "gold" the same day of release.

It topped the charts all over the world, holding the number one slot in Britain for 27 weeks and for 19 in America. It received four Grammys including Best Album.

The album was heavily produced and took 129 days and about 700 hours to complete. The Beatles first album, Please Please Me, was recorded in less than 10 hours.

June 1, 1968 -
Helen Keller -- America's all-time favorite deaf and blind Socialist -- dies in Westport, Connecticut at the age of 87, on this date.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.

June 1, 1980 -
Cable News Network (CNN) made its debut as the first all-news station.

How sad, Darth Vader had to do voice over work to rebuild the death star

It's Oscar the Grouch's birthday.

Remember to leave something nice out in the trash today. (Please note: when Oscar first moved into his trash can he was orange. Then the gangrene set in.)

It's also my sister's birthday

And so it goes.

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