Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In memorium

Some people we lost in 2010

January 14 - Teddy Pendergrass, R&B Singer -

January 22 - Jean Simmons, Actress, -

January 24 - Pernell Roberts, Actor -

January 27 - JD Salinger (AKA Thomas Pynchon), Writer & recluse -

February 17 - Kathryn Grayson, Actress / Operatic Singer -

February 20 - Alexander Haig, Career Military -

March 10 - Corey Haim, Actor and Lost Boy-

March 11 - Merlin Olsen, NFL Player/ actor/ broadcaster -

March 14 - Peter Graves, Actor (Joey, have you ever been in a, in a Turkish prison?)-

March 18 - Fess Parker, Actor and little old wine maker-

March 24 - Robert Culp, Actor -

April 1 - John Forsythe, Actor -

May 2 - Lynn Redgrave, Oscar nominated Actress -

May 9 - Lena Horne, Singer/ Actress/ Dancer -

May 26 - Art Linkletter, Author and Radio and TV Personality -

May 28 - Gary Coleman, Actor -

May 29 - Dennis Hopper, Actor, Filmmaker and Artist -

June 3 - Rue McClanahan, Emmy Award winning Actress -

June 13 - Jimmy Dean, Singer, Actor, Little Old Sausage Maker -

June 28 - Sen. Robert Byrd, Politician and former clansman -

July 6 - Harvey Fuqua, Singer / Song Writer -

July 13 - George Steinbrenner, Businessman, Convicted Felon -

July 31 - Mitch Miller, Musician, Conductor, Son of a bitch -

August 8 - Patricia Neal, Actress -

September 11 - Kevin McCarthy, Actor -

September 22 - Eddie Fisher (AKA Tony Curtis), Singer, legendary Hollywood cocks man -

September 26 - Gloria Stuart, Actress -

September 29 - Tony Curtis (AKA Eddie Fisher), Actor, artist, legendary Hollywood cocks man -

September 30 - Stephen J Cannell, Screen Writer, Producer, Novelist -

October 16 - Barbara Billingsley, Actress -

October 19 - Tom Bosley, Actor -

October 28 - James MacArthur, Actor -

October 31 - Ted Sorensen, Lawyer, Writer -

November 5 - Jill Clayburgh, Actress -

November 10 - Dino DeLaurentis, Movie Producer -

November 28 - Leslie Nielsen, Actor (... and don' t call him Shirley) -

December 5 - Don Meredith, Athlete, Actor -

December 7 - Elizabeth Edwards, Author and health care activist -

December 15 - Blake Edwards, Writer, Director, Producer -

December 20 - Steve Landesberg, Actor -

requiescat in pace

Tonight's the third night of Kwanzaa.
Tonight celebrates Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility) - To build and maintain the community together and make the members of the community's problems, everyone's problems and to solve them together.

Today in History:
December 28, 1869 -
Patent for chewing gum granted to William Semple (patent number 98,304), on this date.

Does YOUR chewing gum lose it flavor on the bed post overnight?

December 28, 1895 -
Auguste and Louis Lumiere opened the first movie theater at the Grand Cafe in Paris, on this date . Other inventors, including Thomas Edison, were working on various moving picture devices at the time. But most of those other devices could only be viewed by one person at a time. The Lumieres were the first to project moving pictures on a screen, so that they could be viewed by a large audience.

The first film they showed to a paying audience was called Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory. It was a short, single shot with an immobile camera and it showed a concierge opening the factory gates from which dozens of workers walked and bicycled into the street. It ended with the concierge closing the gates again.

It wasn't a movie in the modern sense. It had no characters, no storyline. It was just an animated photograph. Much like most French New Wave films. The Lumiere brothers went on to make more than 2,000 films like this, each one less than a minute long depicting various scenes of human activity with titles like The Arrival of a Train, Boat Leaving the Harbor, and Baby's First Steps. They didn't call these "movies" or "films," they called them "views."

It took other filmmakers to turn movies into a medium for storytelling. The Lumieres were primarily documentary filmmakers. But in their film Demolition of a Wall they added a reverse loop to the film so that after the wall falls to the ground it miraculously picks itself back up. It was the first special effect ever uses in the history of motion pictures.

The Lumieres' movie house was a big success. Within a few months of its opening, more than 2,000 people lined up every night to buy tickets. But the Lumieres themselves thought that movies would be a passing fad. They told their cinematographers not to expect work for more than six months. Auguste went on to become a medical scientist and Louis went back to working on still photographs.

December 28, 1983 -
Dennis Wilson, original drummer of the Beach Boys, drowned while diving from a boat near Marquesas Pier. He was rather drunk at the time.

You would think that someone in the Beach Boys could swim.

December 28, 1991 -
Jack Ruby's pistol, used to kill Lee Harvey Oswald, sells at auction at Christie's for $220,000.

The perfect gift for the man who has everything.

And so it goes.

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