Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Did you send out your World Health Day cards yet?

World Health Day celebrates the founding of WHO (World Health Organization.) This year's theme is "Be part of a global movement to make cities healthier."

World Health Day 2010 will focus on urbanization and health. With the campaign "1000 cities - 1000 lives", events will be organized worldwide calling on cities to open up streets for health activities. Stories of urban health champions will be gathered to illustrate what people are doing to improve health in their cities.

April 7, 1915 -
Eleanora Fagan, seminal influence on jazz and pop singers who, arguably changed the art of American pop vocals forever, was born on this day.

Eleanora's (or as she was professionally known, Billie Holiday) vocal style — strongly inspired by instrumentalists — pioneered a new way of manipulating wording and tempo, and also popularized a more personal and intimate approach to singing.

April 7, 1939 -
That little old Italian wine maker, Francis Ford Coppola, (who also is a magazine publisher and hotelier) was born on this date.

Oh yeah, he is a five-time Academy Award winning American film director, producer, and screenwriter.

April 7, 1970 -
John Schlesinger's Midnight Cowboy won the Oscar for Best Picture on this date. It remains the only X-rated film to win an Academy Award.

You're beginning to smell...

April 7, 1989 -
Soviet nuclear submarine K-278 Komsomolets sinks in the Norwegian sea, with two nuclear reactors and two nuclear torpedoes aboard. 41 crew members die,

and the submarine remains one mile below the surface of the ocean, with its nuclear weapons intact. Hope you've been enjoying that Norwegian smoked salmon lately.

April 7, 1998 -
Pop singer George Michael is arrested by an undercover police officer after pleasuring himself in front him in a public toilet.

If only these were the problems George has now.

And so it goes.

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