Monday, October 19, 2009

New York's Mayoral election is 15 days away

Vote for real change

Yes, C. Montgomery Burns is a fictional character but at least he didn't get endorsed by Rudy 'For God Sake, don't for get 9/11' Guiliani (hey did I mention 9/11.)

October 19, 1966 -
Jon Favreau, actor, writer, director and well known fat guy was born on this date.

Jon, you and Vince should push away for the buffet table every now and then.

(This could be a senior moment, I'm not sure if I already posted these.)
I've found another 'Pre-made Trailer'. These are a pair of trailers for the secret Batman film directed by Orson Welles in the 40's but never released:

I've seen a perfect one that I can't seem to post so I don't want to spoil it by telling you about it - I'll keep searching for it somewhere else other than youtube.

I heard this singer yesterday, Melody Gardot and immediately had to hear everything she sang

Then I read Stephen Holden's article and was even more blown away. Run out and by her album (pefect music to listen to with that first martini once you get home from whereever it is you hang out until your first drink of the evening.)

Here's your Today in History:
October 19, 1879 -
Thomas A. Edison successfully demonstrates the electric light. (I've also seen the date as 10/21/79, 10/22/79, 10/25/79 & 11/03/79 - I'm guessing geniuses can't be bothered with little details like this.)

Unfortunately, it took several years to straighten out his first electric bill.

In the midst of the First World War, Salvation Army volunteers in France found themselves stymied by inadequate supplies and ovens for baking. Unable to prepare the cakes and and pies they so badly wanted to bake for the troops, they came up with the novel idea of frying rather than baking the dough.

This resulted in the appearance of the world's first donut on October 19, 1917.

The donut should not be confused with the bagel, despite their physical resemblance. The bagel is boiled and baked, whereas the donut is fried.

Bagels are found in varieties such as onion, garlic, salt, poppy-seed, and sesame-seed, and are frequently consumed with cheese and fish.

Donuts are found in varieties such as glazed, chocolate, chocolate-frosted, strawberry-frosted, powdered, jelly-filled, and sprinkled.

They are rarely consumed with cheese or fish, but they go pretty damn well with coffee.

October 19, 1982 -
Maverick carmaker John DeLorean is arrested in Los Angeles with $24M worth of cocaine in his suitcase.

The case is later thrown out of court when a judge rules that the FBI sting operation constituted entrapment.

And so it goes

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