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There is some confusion on this

This year, International Clash Day is today (I've also seen it listed as occuring on February 5.)
It apparently can never be celebrated on a weekend, and it originally took place on a February 7.

In 2013, KEXP in Seattle, wanted to recognize the band's legacy of championing the opposed and striving for the possibility of a better world. Apparently, the day has evolved into a worldwide celebration of the issues and message they stood for.

Who knew?

February 7, 1914 -
Charlie Chaplin
first appeared as The Tramp, in his first film Kid Auto Races at Venice which was released by Keystone Studios, on this date. The Tramp, as portrayed by Chaplin, was a bumbling but usually good-hearted character who was most famously presented as a vagrant who endeavors to behave with the manners and dignity of a gentleman despite his actual social status.

With only a small number of exceptions, Chaplin would play only The Tramp (or slight variations on the character) on film until The Great Dictator.

February 7, 1940 -
Walt Disney's second feature-length movie, Pinocchio, premiered at the Center Theatre in Manhattan on this date.

Figaro was Walt Disney's favorite character. Disney pushed for the kitten to appear in the film as much as possible. After the film, Disney swapped Minnie Mouse's little cocker spaniel with Figaro

February 7, 1970 -
The Dutch group the Shocking Blue' single Venus goes to the No. 1 spot of the Billboard Charts, on this date. Sixteen years later, a cover version by Bananarama goes to the top of the charts as well.

The group's guitarist Robbie Van Leeuwen wrote this song. The group is from The Netherlands, which led to an interesting translation problem when Shocking Blue lead singer Mariska Veres sang the English lyrics. Van Leeuwen wrote the first line down incorrectly: what was supposed to be "A goddess on the mountain top" he wrote as "A goddness on the mountain top," and that's exactly how Veres sang it. Most listeners didn't notice, and the many cover versions corrected the error, but the result was a #1 hit with a misspoken first line thanks to a typo.

February 7, 1974 -
The Love Unlimited Orchestra's Love's Theme and their album Under the Influence of Love Unlimited were certified gold, on this date.

This is one of the few instrumentals and purely orchestral tracks to reach #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was one of the most played instrumentals of the 1970s. The track earned Barry White, writer of the track and producer, a BMI award for selling over three million copies.

February 7, 1974 -
Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles opened on this date. (One could not make this film again.)

After seeing the film, chairman of Warner Bros. Ted Ashley did not know Brooks had final cut of the film, so he gave him various notes. Ashley wanted all instances of the N-word removed, he wanted to lose the farting scene as well as Mongo (Alex Karras) punching out the horse, and he wanted the scene of Lili Von Shtupp in the dark with Bart taken out. Brooks obediently took notes on a sheet of paper, but as soon as Ashley walked away, Brooks crumpled it up and threw it away. They ended up cutting nothing and releasing the film as it was.

February 7, 1979 -
The very expensive superbomb of 1979, Supertrain premiered on NBC-TV on this date. TV Guide ranked Supertrain number 28 on its "50 Worst TV Shows of All Time" list.

This was the most expensive American TV series ever produced at the time. The failure of this show, along with the US boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics (which NBC was supposed to cover), nearly bankrupted NBC.

February 7, 1986 -
Woody Allen's 15th and most financially successful film, Hannah and Her Sisters, starring Woody Allen, Michael Caine, Mia Farrow, Carrie Fisher, Barbara Hershey, Lloyd Nolan, Maureen O'Sullivan, Daniel Stern, Max von Sydow, and Dianne Wiest, premiered in the US, on this date.

Many of Hannah's scenes were filmed in Mia Farrow's apartment. While scenes were being shot in her apartment, Mia Farrow and several of her children lived there and went about their daily routines. The family was careful not to interrupt production, or to do anything that would affect the shooting schedule, but the situation was hectic for family and crew alike. Michael Caine likened the situation to watching an intimate home movie. He recalled that one moment, Farrow would be feeding her children dinner, and the assistant director would tell her that she was needed on-set. She would put down the kitchen utensils, walk into the next room, and begin to act.

February 7, 1987 -
Aretha Franklin and George Michael's single, I Knew You Were Waiting (for me) hits No. #1 on the Billbloard Charts on this date.

When John Landis was asked how he got Aretha Franklin to appear in his 1980 film The Blues Brothers, he replied: "I asked her." The point being that the Queen of Soul had fallen out of favor and was looking for work (many other music legends - Ray Charles, Tina Turner and Roy Orbison among them - were also at career nadirs). It took this duet with George Michael to return her to the top of the chart, where she had not been for 20 years (with Respect).

February 7, 1999 -
Blondie went to No.1 on the UK singles chart with Maria, giving the group their sixth UK No.1 single, 20 years after their first No.1, Heart of Glass.

This was Blondie's comeback song - at the age of 54, lead singer Debbie Harry became the oldest female to make No.1 in the UK.

Another job posting from The ACME Employment Agency

Today in History:
February 7, 1812 -
Charles Dickens, English novelist, was born in Portsmouth, England on this date.

He was the quintessential Victorian author.

February 7, 1845 -
An 'intemperate' vandal, William Lloyd, entered the British Museum and smashed the irreplaceable Portland Vase into over 200 pieces on this date. The elaborate glass amphora was created when Augustus was Caesar and was about ten inches high (the vase, not the emperor.)

It took a lot of glue and months to repair.

On February 7, 1898, the trial of Emile Zola began in Paris. He lost, but then eventually he won. He accused someone of something. Somehow, the actor Paul Muni was involved. Or vice-versa. Long story.

It all began in a small laboratory in France... no, that was Louis Pasteur. Never mind

February 7, 1908 -
Buster Crabbe, Olympic athlete, actor and swimming pool sales man, was born on this date.

Crabbe is the only actor who played Tarzan, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers - the top three comic strip heroes of the 1930s.

February 7, 1962 -
Edward John "Eddie" Izzard (aka Suzy Izzard), stand-up comedian, dramatic actor and executive transvestite, was born on this date.

Long time readers of this silliness may have realized that I am very partial to Ms. Izzard, Executive Transvestite.

February 7, 1964 -
It was 60 years ago today, The Beatles arrived at JFK International Airport to begin their first tour of the United States. They helped bring about a social revolution whose effects can be felt to this day. They had nothing to declare but their genius.

The Beatles came from Britain, sometimes known as England, a little island in the North Atlantic from which many people have come to the United States over the years, some of them without guitars.

The British (or English), like so many other Europeans, have a long and storied history. Although it took the French to perfect the guillotine, the English (or British) made up for in zeal what they lacked in technological savvy, and next week is the anniversary of three British (or English) queens having their heads hewn from their shoulders.

On February 8, 1587, after nineteen years in prison, Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded.

On February 12, 1554, Lady Jane Grey, Queen for nine days in 1553, was beheaded.

On February 13, 1542, Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's Vth wife, was beheaded.

If you can get to an English (or British) pub next week, order a beer with extra head and see if they get the joke. (Be prudent, however, as people will sometimes react in unexpected ways when asked for any kind of head at all.)

February 7, 1965 -
... I don't believe I can offend you in a comedy club. I don't believe I can offend you in a concert. A comedy club is a place where you work out material; you're trying material ...

Christopher Julius "Chris" Rock III, comedian, actor, screenwriter, television producer, film producer, director and not an executive transvestite was born on this date.

February 7, 1968 -
It became necessary to destroy the town to save it. -

This was a quote attributed by Peter Arnett (written on this date.) to an anonymous American major speaking about the town of Ben Tre, the main town in Ben Tre province, Vietnam, after the Americans had heavily bombarded it.

February 7, 1990 -
The Soviet Union's Communist Party agreed to let opposition political parties compete for control of the country, thereby giving up its monopoly on power.

They were forced to sell of most of their properties on Baltic Avenue to the Russian mob.

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The Jennifer Beals cameo was great. Next up - Doritos, (a new spicier batch.)

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