Friday, June 8, 2018

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June 8, 1946 -
The very funny Looney Tunes cartoon, Kitty Kornered, was released on this date.

It have a number of firsts going for it:
1.) It's the first appearance of Sylvester the Cat (as this point unnamed) in a Warner Bros. cartoon.
2.) It's the first pairing of Porky and Sylvester.

June 8, 1950 -
The Asphalt Jungle, the superb film noir directed by John Huston, was released on this date.

During the production, Walter Huston came to Hollywood for his son John Huston's forty-fourth birthday party. Two days later, with John at his side, the legendary actor of stage and screen, died of heart failure at the age of sixty-six.

June 8, 1968 -
The Simon and Garfunkel song Mrs Robinson reached No. 1 on the charts on this date

This would have had a good chance to win an Oscar for Best Song From A Movie, but it was never nominated because Simon and Garfunkel never filled out the forms to get it considered, leaving Talk To The Animals from Doctor Dolittle as the winner. Paul Simon explained, "It was the '60s, we just weren't paying attention."

June 8, 1968 -
The Rolling Stones released Jumpin' Jack Flash on this date.

This was intended for Beggar's Banquet, but they left it off the album and released it as a single because The Stones were very pleased with the results.

June 8, 1984 -
Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

Ivan Reitman's comedy - horror film, Ghostbusters, premiered on this date.

The original premise had three main characters: John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. They fought ghosts in S.W.A.T. like suits using wands instead of guns. The ghost named Slimer was known as 'Onionhead', and at the end of the movie, Ghostbusters businesses were all over the United States. John Candy also was slated to play Louis. However, with Belushi's death and actors backing out, the script was rewritten and new actors cast.

June 8, 1985
The Tears for Fears song Everybody Wants to Rule the World became the group's highest-charting single when it reached No. #1 on the Billboard Charts on this date.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World is a line from the 1980 Clash song Charlie Don't Surf. Joe Strummer of The Clash thought so. He recounted a story to Musician magazine about confronting Tear For Fears band member, Roland Orzabal in a restaurant, informing Orzabal that "you owe me a fiver." Stummer said that Roland reached in his pocket and produced a five pound note, ostensibly as compensation for poaching the line for his hit title.

It's Name Your Poison Day

Today in History:
June 8, 632
According to tradition, the prophet Mohammed died on this date. He was the founder of Islam, and his death was the first in a long chain of events that ultimately resulted in the Treaty of Tordesillas. Whether he is at this very moment reclining on a soft couch somewhere in Paradise, being serviced by a high-bosomed virgin with dark eyes or consuming a handful of raisins is debatable.

And if you think I'm going to post a picture of the Prophet, you've got another thing coming.

June 8, 1810 -
Robert Schumann, the great composer during the Romantic period, was born on this date. Schumann was able to create a large amount of work while battling the twin demons of bi-polar disease and dementia brought on by mercury poisoning related to the treatment of syphilis, contracted in his teens.

For the last two years of his life, after an attempted suicide, Robert Schumann was confined to a mental institution at his own request.

You may now impress your friends with this info.

June 8 1869 -
Ives W. McGaffey of Chicago patented his sweeping machine (patent # 91,145,) the first suction vacuum cleaner, on this date.

This suggests that Chicago was famous for sucking long before the emergence of the Cubs.

June 8, 1906 -
Pres. Theodore Roosevelt signed the American Antiquities Act, first proposed in 1882. It was used to set aside American resources by executive order.

Roosevelt had urged the passage of the Antiquities Act to allow the president to designate areas of scientific, historic or archeological significance as national monuments without the approval of Congress.

June 8, 1928 -
On May 31, 1928, Charles Kingsford Smith, Charles Ulm, Harry Lyon and James Warner left Oakland California in a Fokker VIIb-3m, called the Southern Cross, to attempt the first flight across the Pacific.

Flying via Hawaii and Fiji, they reach Brisbane, Australia 7,389 miles away, nine days later, on this date.

June 8, 1933 -
Certain key structural areas of the late, great Joan Alexandra Molinsky, comic and actress, were born on this date.

Unfortunately, some of her 'newer' parts have outlived her.

Nancy Sinatra was born on this date (it would be impolite to say how old she is but she is less than a year older than my mom.)

Her boots must be made for endurance walking

June 8, 1982 -
President Ronald Reagan became the first US chief executive to address the two houses of British Parliament on this day.

His assistants became slightly concerned about the President's faculties when Reagan mentioned to them, that he believed that scene went well but he could be more convincing in the next take. He also mentioned to them that he'd be having lunch with Dorothy Lamour at the commissary.

And so it goes.


Before you go - paddling  upstream the rivers of the intraweb, I've seen this very funny video from Vanity Fair with Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons Teach You Millennial Slang -

They star in Hearts Beat Loud (which looks very cute,) which opens in theaters today.


Jim H. said...

Speaking of Tears for Fears, The Bad Plus cover of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" is simply sublime.

Kevin said...

Jim, thanks for the recommendation. I wasn't familiar with the cover. I enjoyed it a great deal and have been checking out their other clips on youtube.

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