Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Night at the Movies

I wanted to try some new (don't worry, I've posted the usual Today in History here,) I'm trying to schedule a themed movie night, sponsored by ACME (ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS.) 

ACME Earthquake Pills are guaranteed to create huge tremors anywhere, (except when used on road runners, of course.)

Today's show is - The unknown Python:

First up: Storytime (1968) - Terry Gilliam first film (made before his joining Monty Python.)

It’s under nine minutes long and really funny, in a very Pythonesque way.

The next up - The Miracle of Flight (1971) A cutout animation by Terry Gilliam done outside of his Python work.

It was created for The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine

Keeping with the flying theme - Away From It All -

The short was directed by John Cleese (and Clare Taylor) in 1979 and screened in British and Australian cinemas as a warm-up for Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

And our feature for today is The Strange Case of the End of Civilization As We Know It (1977)

It's an obscure ITV TV movie starring John Cleese as Sherlock Holmes Grandson.  It's a little dated but has a couple of good chuckles.

So here you go, a fun way to spend a chilly Saturday.

And so it goes

We'll be back with our regularly scheduled program tomorrow.

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