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November 26, 1942 -
... I came here for the waters.

One of the classic films of the 40's, Casablanca, premiered in NYC on this date.

The Allies invaded Casablanca in real life on November 8, 1942. As the film was not due for release until spring, studio executives suggested it be changed to incorporate the invasion. Warner Bros. chief Jack L. Warner objected, as he thought that an invasion was a subject worth a whole film. Eventually he gave in, though, and producer Hal B. Wallis prepared to shoot an epilogue where Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains hear about the invasion. However, before Rains could travel to the studio for this, David O. Selznick (whose studio owned Bergman's contract) previewed the film and urged Warner to release it unaltered and as fast as possible. Warner agreed and the premiered in New York on this date.

November 26, 1952 -
In Thrilling Color!
The first modern 3-D movie Bwana Devil, viewed with special glasses, premiered in Hollywood.

The subject matter of the film, the 1898 Tsavo Lion attacks, is also the basis of the film The Ghost and the Darkness.

November 26, 1952 -
MGM released the first musical in 3-D, Kiss Me Kate on this date.

Several of the Broadway lyrics were considered too "spicy" for a film. For instance, "according to the Kinsey Report" (Alfred Kinsey) was changed to "according to the weather report" in the song, "Too Darn Hot", and a verse containing bawdy puns was omitted from "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" (William Shakespeare).

Today in History:
November 26, 1789 -
The first national Thanksgiving Day was observed in the United States as recommended by President George Washington and approved by Congress.

Thanks George.

November 26, 1865 -

Oxford Don and nude child photographer Charles Dodgson, sends the manuscript for the psychedelic novel Alice in Wonderland to his 12 year old special friend Alice Liddell.

For some reason her parents did not notify the authorities.

November 26, 1965
Arlo Guthrie was arrested in Stockbridge, Mass., for dumping some trash following a Thanksgiving feast at a restaurant run by Alice Brock.

He wrote a song about the event that became a folk classic and was turned into a movie in 1969.

Yes kids, it really happened.

November 26, 1976 -
Anarchy in the UK, (as a single) by the Sex Pistols is released.

The song later appeared on Never Mind the Bollocks.

28 more shopping days until Christmas, 23 more shopping days until Hanukkah.

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