Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Poem are you thinking of today?

As I'm you all remember, April is Poetry Month and today is the Great Poetry Reading Day, honoring some really great verse in all of the world’s languages.

Please celebrate Poetry Reading Day safely today, don't drink and read unless you're in the safety of your home.

April 28, 1939 -
Cecil B. DeMille contribution to 'Hollywood's Golden Year - 1939', Union Pacific, premiered in Omaha Nebraska on this date.

In order to operate the number of trains required by the production, Paramount had to get a regulation railroad operating license from the Interstate Commerce Commission.

April 28, 1941 -
Ann-Margret Olsson, actress, singer and dancer, was born on this date.

Instead of the phrase, "Dance like no one is watching you," it should be, "Dance like you're Ann Margaret."

Acme presents today's PSA - One Minute Galactica: Be A Good Sport

I bet their outfits make you feel kind of 'funny'.

Today in History -
April 28, 1789 -
In the middle of the South Pacific, the crew of the HMS Bounty, led by either Clark Gable, Marlon Brando or Mel Gibson mutinies, setting Charles Laughton, Trevor Howard or Anthony Hopkins and 18 other crewmen adrift in an open boat, so they can hang out with topless Tahitian teens.

Sometimes history is very confusing.

April 28, 1881 -
Billy the Kid escapes from a New Mexico jail, killing jailer Bob Ollinger and a fellow prisoner in the process. Billy will survive for another three months before Pat Garrett finally kills him.

Somehow Bob Dylan, Dracula and Jane Russell's braless bodaeous ta-tas are involved in this story

April 28, 1945 -
Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci are captured by partisan fighters and executed (castrated and hung upside down on a meat hook).

Just because you can get the trains to run on time does not mean that the voters love you.

April 28, 1947 -
Sailing from Peru on the balsa-raft Kon Tiki, Thor Heyerdahl began his six-man, 101-day expedition across the Pacific Ocean to Polynesia.

Heyerdahl's expeditions were spectacular and caught the public imagination. Although much of his work remains unaccepted within the scientific community, Heyerdahl increased public interest in ancient history and anthropology.

And so it goes

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