Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adding insult to injury

Remember we mentioned Trigger the other day - well he, or rather his taxidermied corpse is now for sale with some other Rogers possessions.

It's estimated to go for upwards of $200,000.

Once again, Dale Evans must be very happy that she is buried and out of reach of Roy's estate.

July 10, 1916 -
Charlie Chaplin further develops his 'Tramp' character with the release of The Vagabond, on this date.

July 10, 1942 -
RKO Radio Pictures released Orson Welles' butchered masterpiece, The Magnificent Ambersons, on this date.

Much like the search for El Dorado, the hunt is still on for the original version of the film Welles envisioned.

July 10, 1965 -
The Rolling Stones topped the pop-music charts with (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, on this date.

Here's your Today in History -
July 10, 1958 -
The first parking meter was installed in England on this date in 1958, along with the second through 625th. It took nearly two dozen years for the parking meter to travel across the Atlantic: the first American parking meter had been installed in Oklahoma City on July 16, 1935.

It was invented by Oklahoma City's Carl C. Magee, the head of that city's chamber of commerce, as part of an effort to free more parking spaces for daytime shoppers. Downtown parking spaces had typically been taken by office workers who left their cars parked on the street all day, making it difficult for shoppers to find open spaces and thereby causing incalculable pain and suffering. (Double-parking was not invented until 1963.)

I, personally, considers the parking meter one of the great instruments of totalitarian control, and cannot understand how conspiracy theorists who lose sleep over Roswell, the Masons, and black helicopters can walk blithely past dozens of parking meters every day.

Current estimates ("wild guesses") suggest there are now more than five million of these coercive devil machines deployed across the United States. They absorb millions of dollars in small change every day, and generate still more ill-gotten revenue by means of fines levied against persons who refuse to kneel before them.

I urge my readers to recall the words of Alexander Hamilton, who observed in the Federalist Papers that "no people are free who must pay for municipal parking."

The first concrete-paved street was built 112 years ago today in Bellefountaine, Ohio.

Paved streets are good. I have no problem with paved streets, unless they're lined with parking meters.

July 10, 1856 -
Inventor and electromechanical genius Nikola Tesla is born to Serbian parents in what is now Croatia on this date.

Remember, if we could only harness the free floating electricity, we could do away with the electric companies.

July 10, 1985 -
Neil Tennant, musician, singer and songwriter and the other half of the electronic dance music duo Pet Shop Boys, was born on this date.

July 10, 1985 -
Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior is blown up by in Auckland Harbor, killing a photographer.

After the New Zealand government determines that French secret agents were responsible, the French Defense Minister resigns and the agents are jailed.

Have a good thought or two that it's not pouring rain in NYC today - I have about 30 people in my father-in-law's backyard, all eyeing the barbecue.

And so it goes.

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Jim H. said...

Parking meters are evil and getting eviler, what with electronic card payments and miniature cameras and such. Way back in high school, one of us discovered that a cafeteria spoon jammed into the coin slot of a meter would register 15 minutes, so we fanned out and added time to every meter in a four-block radius just about every school day. Our middle finger to Big Brother!

Enjoy the BBQ.