Friday, May 21, 2010

Another classic TV moment

May 21, 1992 -
Johnny Carson sang a touching impromptu duet with his last scheduled guest, Bette Midler, on the Tonight Show, on this date.

This penultimate show was immediately recognized as a television classic, and Midler would win an Emmy Award for her role in it.

Today in History:
It was on this date in 1471 that King Henry VI of England was murdered in the Tower of London, concluding Part III of his reign.

Edward IV assumed the throne as the world eagerly awaited Richard III and the dramatic conclusion of the War of the Roses.

May 21, 1917 -
One of the World's Greatest Actors, Raymond Burr was born.

In celebration, may I suggest purchasing a small container of the fabulous nipple rouge bearing this man's name.

May 21, 1904 -
Thomas Wright (Fats) Waller, jazz pianist, organist, composer and entertainer, was born on this date.

"I wonder what the poor people are doing - I'd love to be doing it with them!" ...

May 21,1927 -
Charles Lindbergh, American aviator, author, inventor, explorer, racist, Neo-Nazi, Isolationist and serial philanderer became the first man to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean.

Exactly five years later Amelia Earhart became the first woman to do it.

This was an impressive step for feminism, and she did it without the astronaut diapers.

May 21, 1952 -
Mr. T is born in the ghetto

and his mama cried.

May 21, 1972 -
A deranged Australian geologist takes a hammer to Michelangelo's Pieta, shouting "I am Jesus Christ -- risen from the dead!"

Laszlo Toth is never charged with any crime, instead receiving a free trip to an Italian insane asylum. Toth's name is later adopted by comedian and former SNL regular Don Novello (Father Guido Sarducci) for a long series of pranks by mail.

Everybody's a critic.

May 21, 1980 -
George Lucas didn't have enough money. He produces a sequel to his highly successful Star Wars, which somehow is Part V (don't ask or someone will go to great lengths to explain it all to you.)

Empire Strikes Back premiered on this date.

The film contains, arguably the most shocking revelation - right next to what Rosebud was or who exactly was killing all those people at the Bates Motel.

And so it goes

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