Friday, February 19, 2010

So, to summerize

Sorry I got caught sleeping with all of those women. Gees, even I didn't realize it was that many - Tiger Woods

February 19, 1940 -
William Smokey Robinson, singer was born, on this date.

Robinson, when still a child, was nicknamed "Smokey Joe" by an uncle because of his love of cowboy movies.
Betta you didn't know that!

Today in History -
In the presidential election of 1800, Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson drew to a tie. The House of Representatives broke the tie by throwing their weight behind Jefferson, making him president, on February 17, 1801. Burr was given the vice-presidency as either a consolation prize or a practical joke.

Like many other people, Vice-President Burr was often irritated by Alexander Hamilton. Unlike most other people, he shot and killed him. Although it had been a fair duel, the vice-president was indicted for murder. He was never actually arrested for the shooting, nor was he removed from office, because there was no controlling legal authority in place to prevent a vice-president from shooting Alexander Hamilton.

Instead of reviving Burr's political career, the duel helped to end it. Burr was charged with two counts of murder. After his term as vice president ended, he would never hold elective office again. And his next plot to gain power would end with charges of treason.

Civilized political discourse?

(A subsequent constitutional amendment that would have made it illegal for members of the executive branch to shoot Alexander Hamilton was defeated on the grounds of its limited usefulness to the deceased.) After serving out his term as VP, Mr. Burr moved to the southwest and decided to establish his own empire. Fortunately there were controlling legal authorities that prohibited the establishment of empires. President Jefferson had him arrested on February 19, 1807.

Burr was ultimately acquitted. (His descendant Raymond Burr would go on to restore a bit of varnish to the family name as Perry Mason and as spokesperson for Raymond Burr Nipple Rouge.)

February 19 is also notable for the 1995 marriage, on that date, of Pamela Anderson to rocker Tommy Lee. Their marriage is best remembered for having produced the most widely-distributed honeymoon pictures in the history of the world.

Sorry folks, you're going to have to find the link to the video yourself.

Nobel laureate, Protestant, cocaine addict and noted pederast, Andre Gide died on February 19, 1951.

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

Supreme Chinese leader and replacement for Diana Ross, Deng Xiaoping died on February 19, 1997.

Dying takes the shine off of being Supreme.

And so it goes.


Kittie Howard said...

Love your wit! And you've got a keen sense of history. Write on!

Anonymous said...

Without a disclaimer crediting Saturday Night Live's satire and creation of the fake product "Raymond Burr's Nipple Rouge", some readers might actually believe you were serious...