Monday, July 20, 2009

The Eagle has landed!

It's National Lollipop Day
I couldn’t find out who started the holiday or when, or why, but there are many mentions of it online so I guess it’s true.

Yeah, that's how the great lie works. (I believe it could be a huge conspiracy perpetrated by a large Big Sugar Syndication.)

Today in History
July 20, 1402 -
At the battle of Angora, Tamerlane led his huge army of Taters against the Ottomans (or Ottomen). Tamerlane

captured the Sultan (Head Ottoman), and this is why we call some sweaters Angoras to this day.

(Angora, however, is now called Ankara.)

July 20, 1944 -
In an attempt on Hitler's life, a timebomb explodes in the situation room of the Wolf's Lair, killing four Nazi

officers but only wounding the Fuhrer. After his close call, Hitler becomes even more paranoid. A massive purge

is to follow, resulting in the execution of thousands of officers.

Tom Cruise starred in a fair depiction of the events this past year. All in all, not the greatest way to celebrate a


July 20, 1951 -
In Jerusalem at the al-Aqsa Mosque, King Abdullah of Jordan is shot three times in the head and chest by Mustapha Shukri Usho, a Palestinian opposed to peace with Israel.

Abdullah dies on the spot.

July 20, 1969 -
On live television, the world watches as Neil Armstrong steps foot on the Moon. It was a brave thing to do.

That is, unless it was faked.

July 20, 1973 -
In Hong Kong, martial artist Bruce Lee drops into a coma and dies of cerebral edema. He had been experiencing

brain problems beginning in May, which included sporadic loss of consciousness.

Lee's death transpires shortly before the release of Enter the Dragon, his most successful film.

July 20, 1994 -
O.J. Simpson offers a $500,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the Real Killers.

To this day progress remains elusive, although Simpson's begun his search throughout the prison yards of Lovelock, Nevada.

And so it goes.

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