Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The greatest lie ever told about love is that it sets you free.

Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.

For the first time in 73 years, Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day fall on the same day. Kids, Ash Wednesday is a Holy Day of Obligation. And that also means today and Good Friday are the only two days of the whole year on which fasting and abstinence are required.

Hey, I'm just saying, it's between you and God

Happy Valentine's Day folks

Remember to enjoy the day and don't eat too much chocolate

Hominem te esse memento! Memento mori! -

You're not being helpful - by trying to wipe the the smudge mark on your friend's forehead today

( Did you find the coin in the Kings cake? )

So begins forty days (remember that the six Sundays between today and Easter don't count as part of the 40 days) of prayer, fasting, contemplation and community service and not the Lentil season, which is marked by forty days of legume eating and gas passing (but that's another story.)

For those of you not in a romantic mood today:
February 14, 1931
Just in time for the Valentine's Day holiday, Universal Pictures released Tod Browning's horror classic, Dracula, on this date.

There was no real musical soundtrack in the film because it was believed that, with sound being such a recent innovation in films, the audience would not accept hearing music in a scene if there was no explanation for it being there (e.g., the orchestra playing off camera when Dracula meets Mina at the theatre).

February 14, 1970 –
Sly & the Family Stone's
song Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) and it's 'double A-side' Everybody Is a Star hit no. #1 on the Billboard charts at the same time on this date.

Sly Stone wrote this because he was upset that people were not listening to the messages in his songs even though the band was more popular then ever. They were an integrated band and tried to spread the message of racial harmony, but Stone thought that message was getting lost. The lyrics are scathing and mostly directed at Sly himself, but once again, many people lost the message in the powerful groove.

The reason behind the holiday.

Today in History:
February 14, 1400
... How some have been depos’d, some slain in war,   
Some haunted by the ghosts they have deposed,   
Some poisoned by their wives, some sleeping kill’d,   
All murthered

King Richard II of England, who had been deposed in 1399, died mysteriously on this date.

February 14, 1779 -
English explorer Captain James Cook and some of his crew are slaughtered (and possibly eaten) by angry Hawaiian islanders, after he tried to take a Hawaiian chief hostage over a dispute regarding a stolen boat.

There was possibly a better way to get the deposit back on a boat.

February 14, 1929 -
The Capone gang killed six members of the Bugs Moran gang and one other person at the S.M.C. Cartage company in Chicago, in an event known as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Bogus police officers were used so that it appeared to be a routine police bust. Except for all the bodies.

February 14, 1948 -
Raymond Joseph Teller
(Teller) an illusionist, comedian and writer best known as the silent half of the comedy magic duo known as Penn and Teller, accomplished sleight of hand artist, painter, atheist, debunker, skeptic and Fellow of the Cato Institute was born on this date.

He legally changed his name to Teller and possesses one of the few United States passports issued in a single name.

Yeah, he can speak (you idiots.)

February 14, 1962 -
First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, with her breathless voice, takes television viewers on a tour of the White House. (Haven't you always found it strange that Marylin Monroe and Jackie Kennedy basically have the same voice?)

It was estimated that hundreds of millions of people saw the program, making it the most widely viewed documentary during the genre's so-called golden age.

February 14 - 2016 -
Antonin Scalia has been dead for more than a year now;

his fellow judges are tenaciously clinging to life.

And so it goes.


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