Saturday, October 7, 2017

This war is just about older than my children.

16 years ago today, the US launched Operation Enduring Freedom, hunting for the terrorist in Afghanistan, that brought down the World Trade Center Towers. On December 31, 2014, Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan concluded, and was succeeded by Operation Freedom's Sentinel on January 1, 2015.

As of October 5, 2017, the 2390 US soldier have died; there have been 3520 coalition deaths.  Please take a moment out of your day today to consider the sacrifices, warranted or not, that the men and woman of the US military (and their families) have made.

October 7, 1950 -
The character of Granny appeared for the first time in a Looney Tunes Cartoon when Canary Row, directed by Friz Freleng and starring Sylvester and Tweety, premiered on this date.

The title of this cartoon is a play of words on the 1945 John Steinbeck novel, Cannery Row.

October 7, 1952 -
A little TV show called American Bandstand premiered on this date, 65 years ago.

It premiered locally as a live show, Bandstand, on Philadelphia television station WFIL-TV (Channel 6, now WPVI-TV) on this date in Studio 'B', which was located in their just-completed addition to the original 1947 building (4548 Market Street) and was hosted by Bob Horn, with Lee Stewart as co-host. Dick Clark did not become associated with the show until 1956.

October 7, 1959 -
The 50s most glamorous and wholesome stars - Rock Hudson and Doris Day, starred in their first pairing, Pillow Talk, which went into general release on this date.

The first scene that was shot was the one towards the end of the movie in which Rock Hudson drags Doris Day out of bed and carries her through the streets of New York to his apartment. After many takes, Hudson's arms were hurting, so they created a sort of sling which held Day in a crate-like device and hooked over Hudson's shoulders to evenly distribute her weight.

October 7, 1960 -
Kirk Douglas
in his magnificent leather thong, starred in Spartacus, which premiered in the US on this date.

In order to get so many big stars to play supporting roles, Kirk Douglas showed each a different script in which their character was emphasized.

October 7, 1960 -
Route 66
premiered on this date.

The series' writers traveled around the U.S. looking for locations to write episodes about. Every episode was filmed on location.

October 7, 1966 -
The Star Trek episode The Enemy Within premiered on this date.  In it, a transporter mishap divides Captain Kirk into two versions of himself, one good and one evil, but neither is able to function separately for long.

The episode marks the first use of the line, “He’s dead, Jim.” The phrase is coined by the episode’s author, Richard Matheson.

October 7, 1971 -
William Friedkin'
s taut policier, The French Connection, opened in NYC on this date.

To save money on the budget and also because they didn't always have permits, William Friedkin had the cameraman carted around in a wheelchair instead of using a camera mounted on dolly tracks for the moving shots. This is most noticeable when Gene Hackman runs to then enters the subway car. As the camera follows Hackman hurrying towards the car the film movement is smooth but then shakes noticeably as the cameraman has to get up from the wheelchair and follow Hackman into the subway car.

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Today in History:
October 7, 1849
On this date, Edgar Allan Poe was found in a delirious state (Maryland) outside a Baltimore voting place (saloon).

Mr. Poe was often found delirious, especially outside voting places,

but this time his delirium was serious and he died.

October 7, 1952 -
It's Vladimir Putin's 65th birthday.

I wonder what Donald is going to send his BFF.

October 7, 1955 -
It was on this day in San Francisco at the Six Gallery, the poet Allen Ginsberg read his poem Howl for the first time.

The poem begins, "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness." His friend Jack Kerouac sat on the edge of the stage and when Ginsberg was done, the audience exploded in applause.

When Lawrence Ferlinghetti published the poem Howl out of his City Lights bookstore in San Francisco, he was arrested and tried for obscenity, but he was found not guilty.

October 7, 1959 -
... There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark.

The dark far side of the Moon was photographed for the first time and pictures relayed back to Earth by Russia's Luna 3 spacecraft. After passing the moon, the Luna 3 looked back from a distance of 63,500 km to take 29 photos of the sunlit far side of the Moon.

The photos, taken over a period of 40 minutes, were developed onboard and radioed back to earth on October 18, 1959. They covered 70% of the far side. While the resolution of the photographs was very low resolution, many of the features of the moon could be recognized.

October 7, 1964 -
Walter W. Jenkins, chief White House aide and longtime friend of President Lyndon B. Johnson, was arrested for disorderly conduct two blocks from the White House on this date. Jenkins was discovered in a YMCA pay toilet with another man.

Ultimately, Jenkins is forced to resign, so as not to jeopardize Johnson's re-election campaign. Jenkins stated that during his arrest, his mind had been "befuddled by fatigue, alcohol, physical illness, and lack of food."

Yeah, that's it, befuddled by fatigue... yeah, that and a wide stance will get you in trouble in a men's public restroom all the time.

And so it goes


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