Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It should be called Domestic Goddess Day

It's National Housewife Day. (Hey I didn't make up this holiday.)

So go ahead - put your feet up and take a break. You deserve it!

It's also National Sandwich Day - observed on the birthday of John Montague, Fourth Earl of Sandwich, creator of the sandwich.

To celebrate, begin gambling heavily, don't get up from the table for several hours and call for your manservant to bring you a slab of beef and two pieces of bread (and a piss pot.)

November 3, 1939 -
One of the crown jewels of the 'Golden Age' of Hollywood, Ninotchka opened in New York on this date.

Allegedly, after a test screening of Ninotchka, one audience member wrote on the preview card: "I laughed so hard, I peed in my girlfriend's hand!"

Gojira premiered in Japan on this date in 1954.

In our house, this is reason enough to break out the hats and hooters. (if you must see Raymond Burr, check him out here )

November 3, 1955 -
Another highlight from the end of the Golden Age of Hollywood Musicals, Guys and Dolls, premiered in NYC on this date.

Gene Kelly was sought for the role of Sky Masterson, but MGM refused to loan Kelly to Samuel Goldwyn. The decision to cast Marlon Brando was hotly contested, largely by Frank Sinatra, who wanted the part of Sky Masterson himself.

November 3, 1971 -
Clint Eastwood's
directorial debut, Play Misty For Me premiered in NYC on this date.

The first scene Clint Eastwood shot was his former director Don Siegel's cameo as Murph the bartender. As a joke, Eastwood made Siegel do 11 takes - then told the cameraman to put the film in the camera.

November 3, 1976 -
MGM released the horror classic, based on Stephen King’s best-selling first novel, Carrie, directed by  Brian De Palma and starring Sissy Spacek on this date.

When Sissy Spacek was preparing for her character, she isolated herself from the rest of the ensemble, decorated her dressing room with heavy religious iconography and studied Gustave Doré's illustrated Bible.

November 3, 1978 -
Diff'rent Strokes
premiered on NBC-TV on this date.

Conrad Bain was the only cast member to appear in every episode.

Today in History:
November 3, 1957
Laika the dog became the first living creature in space on this date. She asphyxiated when oxygen in the Soviet Sputnik 2 ran out. However, some western researchers speculate that Laika roasted when the satellite's heat shields were detached.

I wonder if the Explorer's club served Hot Dogs in her honor that year.

November 3, 1964 -
In 1801, the Washington D.C. district was established as a US Congressional jurisdiction; this meant residents of  Washington D.C. were unable to vote.

The passing of the 23rd Amendment to the US Constitution, in 1961, reversed this policy, allowing D.C. residents to vote. Residents of Washington D.C. were permitted to vote in a US Presidential election for the first time on this date.

And so it goes.

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