Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Baton was passed

Conan O'Brien, stepped in as the fitfh host of the Tonight Show last night.

I laughed, I cried, I fell asleep (it ended after midnight you know and I can't stay up late anymore.)

Today in History-
The Marquis de Sade was born on this date and his sexual proclivities made his name a noun.

His sexual proclivities themselves have been preserved in a mason jar at the Louvre.

June 2, 1793 -
Jean Paul Marat recites names of 29 people to the French Assembly, virtually all of whom will be guillotined. The "Rain of Terror" officially began in France.

This was one of the worst meteorological events in French history and cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

June 2, 1941 -
Baseball great, Lou Gehrig, dies at 37 at his home in the Bronx.

You would have thought someone might have mentioned to him that he had Lou Gehrig's disease earlier in his career.

June 2, 1953 -
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Mountbatten officially becomes the head of her family's business and is coronated on this date.

The entire ceremony was, save for the anointing and communion, televised throughout the Commonwealth, and was watched by an estimated twenty million people, with twelve million more listening on the radio.

The Queen's reign is longer than those of her four immediate predecessors combined (Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, and George VI). She is the third longest reigning British or English monarch, the second-longest-serving current monarch of a sovereign state (after King Bhumibol of Thailand), and the oldest reigning British monarch.

June 2, 1996 -
Ray Combs, host of television's Family Feud, hangs himself with his bedsheets at Glendale Adventist Hospital. Combs was on a 72 hour suicide watch.

Only 17 people guessed bedsheets.

And so it goes.

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